Tips to Stay Healthy This is the road

Tips to Stay Healthy This is the roadWhen traveling can sometimes be a problem for you, who have been the subject of a diet program. During the holidays can not be teraktur diet and nutritional intake becomes unbalanced. Sure would feel empty if you vacation without tasting the typical cuisine of the region.

Well for you who want to stay healthy, even on vacation, the following tips that you can apply:

1. Bring their own food

If a vacation to a place not too far, it is good to keep to bring their own food at home. In addition to saving money, bring their own food can also make the body healthy. When traveling away using public transport, such as trains, buses and airplanes, the food provided is not necessarily healthy. To do this, take food that contains protein and nutrients. In addition, also provide food which is not easily destroyed when stored in a bag, such as pears, apples, nuts, and so on.

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6 Tips “Solo Travel”

Tips Solo TravelDoing your tour will be fun if done together, with the family or friends. Nonetheless, travel alone is no less exciting. We are pleased to be able to determine where it will go without much compromise.

1. Make it easy for yourself

Traveling alone can indeed make a person determine the destination at will. However, this does not mean we can venture into the interior of Papua without having been there before, or go to a faraway continent. It’s good to visit a destination that never visited before. Or, if you really want to place a new, join another group who also headed there.

2. Prepare a plans

Make travel plans as well and as mature as possible. Benefit from the Internet to find the best tourist spots. Go alone can indeed willing to follow itself. However, that does not mean we do not know what the place will be addressed. In addition, find out the time zone difference. would be so confusing if landing at the destination when the middle of the night.

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5 Ridiculous Causes Plane It’s Too Late

Ridiculous Causes Plane It's Too Lateaircraft flight delay is very troubled by a passenger who is on vacation or business. delays flights often occur for several minutes, even hours. Weather or backlog is a major cause of flight delays. However, what if the flight delay occurred because of a silly thing? A service provider customer complaints turned out to have other data. There are five events that are not reasonable as a cause of delay in flight:

1. Balloon

In 1982, the behavior of a man named Larry Lawnchair be the cause of delay. He brings 45 balloons into the plane. When it reaches a height of 15,000 feet, he detonates a few balloons. Obviously this makes the whole passengers shocked.

Not only that, it turns exploding balloons caught in power lines. It is time to put out the electricity in the air. Larry’s actions result in a delay in the plane will land to Long Beach from Los Angeles. After landing, the men secured officer.

2. Gift Certificate

While waiting for a flight to Las Vegas, a passenger claimed loss coupon for U.S. $ 350 thousand. Although it has been called in to boarding , passengers still looking for the coupon. Passengers stubbornly made ​​several officers helped search for the coupons, including suitcases into the trunk and others. This incident made ​​a late plane to fly for a few hours. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trivial Mistakes When Traveling

Trivial Mistakes When Travelingyou certainly want to have a memorable experience when traveling. Choosing appropriate routes and sights of interest would be the main consideration that should be done. , but there are common mistakes that often occur when traveling by Travelounge magazine September 2013 issue. Despite frequent traveling, it does not mean these mistakes will not happen and ultimately make you uncomfortable.

1. Hotel or resort photos tempted

Do not be tempted by the photos posted on the web site of a hotel. Employers hotel or resort will certainly put a picture that makes the property more attractive. Better to look at recommendations of third parties, such as tourist sites and Usually, there are various comments on there so you can draw your own conclusions.

2. Choosing a too short time between two flights

is rare we have to arrange their own flights intercity or interstate because the airline did not provide a direct flight. To be free, should prepare at least 1.5 hour time difference between the first flight and the next flight. Resist the temptation booked two flights with tight time. At first glance, a pause time of 45 minutes seems to be enough. But you do not want your vacation plans fall apart just because of baggage problems or delays in the first flight, is not it?

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10 Countries with Visa’s Best and Worst

10 Countries with Visa's Best and WorstRegulation granting visas of various countries in the world known to vary. Some are difficult, some are easy. There are also countries that make annoyed because someone had to waste a lot of time, effort, and money just to get a visa before visiting the country.
A global consultancy in the field of global citizenship planning, Henley and Partners, the countries that compose the most poorly considered for international travel. They analyzed the visa regulations of all countries and territories around the world and merankingnya based on freedom of movement for its citizens.

Their results show, the worst state in the affairs of the visa is Afghanistan. The Afghan people can only visit 28 countries around the world without requiring a visa. Next is Iraq (only citizens can visit 31 countries without a visa), Somalia and Pakistan (32 countries) and the Palestinian Territories (36 countries) Meanwhile, European countries are at high ranking. Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom occupy the top positions in which their people can travel to 173 countries only use their passports.

“In today’s globalized world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of foreign nationals at the border,” said a spokesman for Henley and Partners as quoted by , Friday, October 4, 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tip If Lost Luggage at the Airport

Tip If Lost Luggage at the AirportAirport arguably become the most populous region. Soekarno Hatta Jakarta alone, for example, every day there are a million more people get off the plane. Also in other busy cities in foreign countries. Quite often lost luggage incident or other common-borne flight. Here are tips to keep your luggage does not fly float:

1. Number Line Baggage At some airports, there are many paths luggage drop. Make sure you are on the right track. See the announcement of a number of flights over the trunk lines.

2. Card Claims Many people ignore the claim that ordinary card attached to the boarding pass or ticket. Moreover, if this card apart from the boarding pass. whereas this card should you look for in addition to often no checks are also useful if your luggage is not found.

3. Suitcase in Another Flight For this case luggage will usually return. It only takes patience to wait because it could take a day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Things you Need to Know if Want to Bangkok

Things you Need to Know if Want to BangkokNews massive demonstrations in Bangkok makes some travel agencies canceled trips. But for Indonesian citizens who are forced to travel to the Land of the White Elephant, the Indonesian Community in Thailand has issued a list of frequently asked questions to the community Facebook page, complete with the answer. Below is a list of questions and answers from the Facebook Community Indonesia in Thailand:

1. Is Bangkok safe conditions for a few days / months ahead?

We can not predict what will happen in the future, it is advisable to continue to monitor the situation and keep abreast of developments.

2. Is the shopping center remained open?

Yeah. Shopping center near or right at the point of the demo remain open until 6 pm. Some like to 8pm Platinum, and MBK until 10 pm, the rest is far from the point as usual demo.

3. Is it safe to shop at the shopping center near or at the point the demo?

safe or not is unpredictable. Conditions can change at any time, as it has happened a few days yesterday. If not urgent, are encouraged to avoid these sites. 5. Is it safe to be in the points a demo?

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